Sustainable Regenerative Farming

We are a small farm in Antrim County Michigan raising animals and vegetables the way grandpa did.  We offer locally raised grass finished beef & pork, and eggs from pasture raised hens.

Why choose Witt Family Farm?

  • Our beef is grown and finished on grass
  • Our Pigs and chickens are raised outdoors on pasture
  • We do not use growth hormone implants, or unnecessary antibiotics
  • We are small and local; you know where your food is coming from
  • Our natural and animal friendly approach results in a more nutrient dense food
  • Our sustainable and regenerative methods help heal the earth
    • Grass based farming stores carbon in the soil
    • Grass based farming improves water quality 
    • Grass based farming captures greenhouse gasses

What we raise

Grass Fed Beef

Our cattle transform grass, weeds and hay into lean tender tasty meat.  This meat is naturally higher in omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally raised beef.  Animals that are free to roam on pasture are more muscular and vigorous. When the meat is finished on grass, the proportion of the animal that is usable is higher because there is much less fat than corn finished cattle. Our beef is processed by Ebels, a USDA-inspected meat packing facility.

Pasture Raised Pork

Our pigs are raised on pasture and fed with locally grown, non-GMO grain, apples, potatoes, and pumpkins. As a result, the flavor and quality of the pork is far beyond that which is available in the grocery store. It is richer in vitamin D, Vitamin E and Omega 3-fatty acids than regular pork, and contains no injected water or traces of antibiotics and hormones. Our pork is processed by Ebels, a USDA-inspected meat packing facility.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

Our chickens follow our cattle in the pasture, naturally grazing on a well balanced diet of plants and insects, making their eggs much healthier than ones from hens raised in barns.

The bright yellow yolks reflect the high beta carotene and other nutrients only truly pastured chicken eggs can achieve.

Our Products

  • Porterhouse Steak
  • T-bone Steak
  • Sirloin Tip
  • Tenderloin
  • Top Sirloin
  • Round Steak
  • Chuck Eye Steak
  • Bone in Ribeye Steak
  • Beef Brisket
  • Short Ribs
  • Denver Steak
  • Stew Meat
  • Ground Beef
  • Liver
  • From pasture-raised hens
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Bratwurst
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Roast
  • Pork Steak
  • Pork Chops
  • Spare Ribs
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Pork Loin
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Lard
Dry Beans:
  • Killer whale beans make fantastic baked beans, chili, or refried beans.
Beef or pork is available from the farm in bulk:
  • •Pork pack – A 16 pound selection of the most popular cuts for $125
  • •Pork Box – A 32 pound selection of the most popular cuts $248
  • •Beef Pack – A 16 pound selection of steaks and ground beef for $125
  • •Beef Box – A 32 pound selection of steaks and ground beef for $248

Want to fill your freezer?  We also take reservations for fall delivery of beef by the split quarter or by the side, and pork by the half or whole.

Contact Us

Central Lake MI

Where to buy our products

Shop online from our Store

Place order by midnight Monday for pickup or delivery on Wednesday

Pick up at our farm Wednesday 5-7 pm or at Bellaire Farmer’s Market Pavilion on Wednesday 1:30-2:00pm

Delivery on Wednesday in Central Lake, Eastport, and Bellaire for additional $10

King Orchards Market Stand

Eggs and a freezer with beef and pork are available at this location

King Orchards Market Stand is located at 4620 N M-88 Central Lake, MI 49622

Online at Torch Lake Co-op

Most of our cuts of meat are available from Torch Lake Co-op store. About a dozen other small farms have a variety of locally produced food there. You simply order and pay for your groceries online.  Then pick up your bag of groceries on either Wednesdays or Fridays at a choice of several locations listed on the site.